41-David the Great King

David is anointed

David is anointed

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Why has the Lord chosen David to be the King of His people? How could Samuel do so? how his father reacted to so? what are the important lessons to all of us regarding, such great event?

David Anointed King

(Fill your horn with oil, and go, I am sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I have provided Myself a king among his sons.) (1SAMUEL 16:1)

(So, Samuel did what the Lord said, so, it was when they came, that he looked at Eliab and said, “Surely the Lord ‘s anointed is before Him!” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him, For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”) (1SAMUEL 16:4,6,7)

(Thus, Jesse made seven of his sons pass before Samuel. And Samuel said to Jesse. “The Lord has not chosen these.”, “Are all the young men here? Then he said, “There remains yet the youngest, and there he is, keeping the cheap.”) (1SAMUEL 16:10,11)

(And Samuel said to Jesse, “Send and bring him. So, he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him, for he is the one!”) (1SAMUEL 16:11,12)

(Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.) (1SAMUEL 16:13)

Thus, God Himself chose David but, this should be done by the Priest carrying the oil.

God has seen what the people could not see, He saw in one of Jesse’s sons a blessed son devoted for Him to arise him as a king for his people.

God said to Samuel Do not look at the outward appearance so, God chose him for his internal purity and internal beauty. As Titus Flavius Clemens says, “He did not anoint who was handsome in his stature but who was beautiful in his soul.”

Between the looking to the eyes and at the heart, the man lives learning from his mistakes since, he is deceived in the outward appearance to find out that the essence is different. Sometimes we think that someone is a good person, and we find out, we were wrong. other times we condemn others to find out, they were saints.

We also should examine ourselves, according to its degree of purity not as others may think or say. 

Seven times God refuses but at the eighth He agrees clarifying to all of us, that the seven denoting to the perfection in our world is not accepted but the eights denoting to the eternal life is the real thing.

Also, the stone refused by the builders; David, the smallest son whose attendance does not make any difference, it was him not only so, but also his father has forgotten him when Samuel asked, are these all the young men?

Such kind of treatment from the family to the youngest son is enough to hurt him with smallness of soul but the help of God and the encouragement of Samuel could compensate such feeling.

And from the moment David was anointed and the Spirit of the Lord came into him he was the real king in the eyes of the Lord, while Saul was the king in the eyes of the people. 

How many people go to the church and in our eyes, they are going to inherit God’s kingdom, but God looks differently to them.  

How could David’s brothers look at him, since he was anointed by oil while, he is not from the clan of Levi so, he would not be a priest. would he be a prophet or a king or both?!

How David behaved after the moment of his anointment? It’s most thoughtful that he returned back to his sheep looking after it, is praising and thanking the Lord by playing on his harp. Since now he is about fifteen years old and there are about another fifteen years are coming tell the promise of the Lord come true.

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