4- God is spectacular to philosophers

God to philosophers

God to philosophers

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Although it was commonly known that the philosophers had denied the existence of God, the vast majority of them admitted His existence and they were actually divided into two Sections.

Two Opinions

The first, proved His existence  by the intellectual proof that can lead in The existence of the creator God. The second, called for the mental disability to do so, But, they were believe completely in His existence.
Bona Venture says, the truth Of Him is over the understanding, cause, the mind is limited while, He is unlimited.
Some linguists went remotely that the word of God in the Arabic language is from Allah Youalah I, e. distraction or getting confused in realizing, and from Here it was the word Allah.
As, the messenger says, ( no one knows the things of God except the spirit of God.) (1CORINTHIANS 2:11).
The evidence that asserts His  existence by the philosophers are so many but, They have been Divided into two main sections, the first focused in the man, the second focused on All the creation.
 Rene Descartes says that the human soul is incomplete so, there ‘s a Perfect completeness exists only in the divine of God.
So, Descartes, Bona Venture and Saint Augustine asserted that the meditation on the human soul leads us to believe in the Existence of God.
Also, Saint Augustine wondered is it the land? it, answered him Not me. Is it the heavens? it answered him, no, not me.
  The sun, the moon? all the creatures? all said not me, He is not here, then tell me where’s He? They all Answered in one voice: He is the maker of all of us. (The fool has said in his heart “There ‘s no God”) ( PSALM 14:1).
Socrates: I die as a martyr confessing the one God.
Isaac Newton: I have seen Him in the actions and laws of nature which asserts the Existence of immaterial power and wisdom.
Plato is calling Him the eternal engineer.
Cicero: no nation what so ever reached the point of brutality and barbarism ignores the Must for worshiping Him even if it was unknowledgeable whom God It worships.
Aristotle the philosopher is saying, ” The common traditions of all the peoples of the world teaches us that all the creatures has been created by God and that its continuing Existence is only by His order.”
Science is getting advanced so fast that the man kind figured out a very accelerated number of the inventions and discoveries and the right science can not contradict with The existence of God. But, it confirms His existence.
For, example Magellan said that the land is spherical and his theory stayed wrong till it was figured out its truth.
As Isaiah said, ( It is He who sits above the circle of the earth and its inhabitants are like Grasshoppers.) (ISAIAH 40:22)
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