3-God’s beautiful relative attributes


God's relative attributes

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But what are the relative attributes of God? why we call them relative? Is There a real need for Him? does the history confirms as so?

God's relative attributes

1- He is perfect in His goodness and holiness

For, no one is good but, one, God. He is perfect in His holiness, so, He is called holy, but man who is good is called saint.
Being perfect in His goodness and holiness is evidenced by that, that He has No sin.
The angels are crying to Him, saying, (Holy. Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts.)

2- He is perfect in His mercifulness

He is God of all mercies and raphes, so that, He gives His mercy to everyone in the world.
Although, He is unlimited in His greatness and mighty power, He is unlimited in His mercifulness.

3- He is perfect in His justice

Although He is merciful, but, at the same time He is just.
It means, although, He loves the mankind and gives it His mercy, He is just in Judgement for each one.
Thus, He will judge every one according to what man does whether good or bad.

He 's great in His wisdom

No doubt, that God ‘s creation and creatures  bear a terrific witness Of his great wisdom. 

God's providence for His creation

Providence means that, God’s procurement for the life is happening for implementing his intention in a way, that’s unrecognizable by us.

In other terms, providence means that God acts with His creation in a way that can convert their actions whether good or bad and everything that happens in the universe to means completing his intentions for the goodness of all of His creatures especially the man since he is, the only sensible creature.

So, He, cares for His creation to preserve it and direct it to the mean for which it has been created, according to its nature. 
Hence, He, moves the irrational ones compulsorily and directs the only rational creature respecting his freedom, giving him commandment.
So, he created laws and rules for His creation in order to reach it to the purpose it has been created for in a beautiful image at His Beautiful Mind. 

Unlimited need for God

According to Pope Shenouda the third: the belief in God exists Amongst all the peoples of the world even, the pagan ones believe In God but they are wrong in their knowledge of Him.
They also, Believed in the existence of more than one God. Also, the belief in Him is fixed in the psychology of children, for instance, if you Ordered them not to do something because He will be angry with you, they believe you. 

History ensures the need for Him

also, the history of mankind asserts such reality Since it believed in His existence since the first centuries of the world in every place at each time. Seneca the philosopher Once, said, ” the agreement of all-in-one thing is the proof of the truth” like the existence of gods for, instance.
For, example Ramses the Second tributes his victory on Hittites to Gods. Cyrus tributes his Victories to the gift of heavens. Homes of ancient Egyptians were Simple, but their temples were majestic.  

He is so important in life

So, life without Him is hard and incomplete and the world would be Dark, and the Vision is unclear, and the man cannot feel piece of mind and that he is alone without His help.
Since, He had created man He breathed in his nostrils and Adam became a living Being and for this he cannot live far from Him.
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Reference: – Book of Studies in theoretical theological science (Part 1) for Egyptian Monk, Benjamin Meeharika.

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