2-God’s great absolute attributes

God's absolute attributes

God's absolute attributes

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How can we define God? do He have certain attributes? What are His absolute ones? and can the limited man understand God the unlimited?

How can we define Him?

(He is the being from Himself, the must to exist, the simple Spirit, the infinity, The unlimited in time and in place, the Almighty in doing everything, the unchangeable, the procurer of the Lives of every man, animal and plant and all the creatures He has created to Achieve the objective He has created for. The Holy, the perfect, the independent and the inclusive in Himself all the Perfect Unlimited Godly divines.)

1- Attributes of God ( intro)

We do not mean by knowledge of God the complete knowledge Because He has no limit and the mind of man is limited, so, how can the limited understand the unlimited?
So, God the one whom We believe in, and His existence fills the earth, the Heavens and the Universes has lots of attributes, which, we cannot count or confine because of the perfect and unlimited attributes that He has alone.
It’s commonly said about Saint Augustine (Fourth century) while he was thinking in the mystery of Him. That he dreamt that a child is trying to transfer the water of the sea into a small hole by his hand, so, he wandered So much.
So, we would divide these attributes into absolute attributes that exist in Him alone, and relative ones that we as humans might have but in much lesser degree than Him.

Absolute attributes

1- He must exist

Meaning that God is a must to exist because, His existence explains the existence of the universe while as to any other creature he might or might not exist for that, any other creature is possible but not must exist.

2- He is unlimited

Meaning that He alone has no limit or an end since, He is the unlimited in greatness and in glory and in love and mercifulness and goodness and holiness and fairness and in all of His perfect unlimited Godly divines.

3-He is simple and spiritual

He is not material or physical, but God in essence is spirit and Spiritual in His nature. And the word simple; means that He is not composed so that He cannot be divided or segmented into parts. While as to man, when he dies the elements of his body will be, dissolved by the passage of time.

4- He is unchangeable

Meaning that God is not applicable to change or transformation because, He is permanent. He does not increase or decrease. He only Changes but not to be changed.

5- He is eternal

Meaning that He neither has a beginning nor come to an end.

6- He is present every where

Meaning that His presence includes every where and is not confined to a specific Place. so, He exists on the earth and on heavens, in hell and on paradise and amongst all of them.

7- God knows every thing

Meaning that He knows every thing and that nothing is hidden from Him or beyond His knowledge.

8- God is the almighty

Meaning that He can do all things and all actions that he alone can Do at any time and by the way He sees as the best from His own Point of view.

9- God is the creator

Meaning that God alone created the heavens and the earth and the sea and all the creation and before creating the creation He created The angles of the heavens.

10- God is the keeper

God is not only the creator of His creatures but also, He can Preserve them to achieve the objective He created them for.

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