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God's imprint

God's imprint

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Dear reader, do you think that there’s a god, only one God who had created our World? is there enough evidence for His existence? and is there a real and a clear imprint for his power to create?

How can we define God? Do He have certain attributes? What are they? Is There a real need for Him? Do history and science confirm this?

His Existence

It’s commonly said that God is conceived by mind, because, no one has seen Him, but we Are sure of His existence by the universe; He created.
For example, you do not see the air, but you are sure it exists when it moves the windows of your home.
God said to Moses, (You cannot see My face for no man shall see Me, and live.) (EXODUS 33:20).
And the messenger Paul said about Him, (who alone has immortality; dwelling in Unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honor and over Lasting power.) (1 TIMOTHY 6:16)

The evidence of His existence


It is composed of Oxygen and Nitrogen if the Oxygen existed alone, it Would burn the world in one moment. but the existence of Nitrogen Prevents such doing.

Cosmic order

When man overlooks the stars in Heavens, he can find out easily, that they are uncountable and that they are moved and turned very fast.
They are hanged on the vast space without pillars or rods attracting them to prevent them from being fallen On the Earth or that they are got crashed.
That’s because, God gave them A path They cannot be deviated from. (The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His Handwork.) (PSALM 19:1)
The sun which gives its light to the whole world and sends its temperature and worm, is essential for the life of the plant, animals and the man.
 It is far from the earth with ninety-Three million mile if, we assumed that this distance become only ninety-two miles, the whole earth is goanna get burnt. 
And if this same distance has been increased the earth would Be frozen. In either case, the result is goanna be the vanish of the world.
So, this shows Very clearly, the wonderful procurement of God that controls the universe in a wonderful wisdom.


In the vast sea an uncountable number of creatures. Who can describe the beauty of the fish with its unlimited numbers all over the world? who can imagine the beauty of the dolphins and its movement?
And the amphibians how it lives in water Then on land? who can tell us about the depths and the capacity of the horrible waves of oceans? Finally, all the seas and oceans are having limits they cannot go beyond.


Although the earth is one, but it contains a variety of plants like: grasses, vegetables and herbs and fruits.
each one is yielding according to its kind and each one is having specific property such as: size, shape color and taste and smell.


Although, the earth is one but, animals living within it are having tremendously diversification in their instincts which are protecting them.
And that each one of them Is characterized by a character bearing the image of the man. For example, the quiet lamb and the brave lion and the tricky fox.


Some birds are having Melodic sounds differ according to the kind of a bird. Others are having beautiful colors on their feather varies according to its kind.
(But now ask the Beasts, and they will teach you; and the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to Earth, and it will teach you; and the fish of the sea will explain to you, who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this.) (JOB 12:7-9)

Human body


It works as A Control room for your body as a whole cause it contains all the Centers of the movement, the vision, and the voice and the memory and the understanding.


It works as a pump Distributes the blood to all the parts of the body and retrieves it again.


It gets insight for the lens by focusing the rays of the light that Passes through it in order to create clear images of objects that are positioned at Various instances.


The Inner ear transforms the vibrations into electrical impulses which Then travel along the eighth cranial nerve to the brain, then the brain Interprets these signals so, we can hear.


it cleans Your blood by passing through it, through millions of tiny blood Filters.
So, waste materials pass through the ureter and are stored in the bladder as urine. So, newly clear blood returns to the blood Stream by way of veins.


It differs from a finger to another, from a man to another, in the number of The lines and its spaces through the billions of people living now.
Can you imagine this number of these fingerprints for the all the people who lived from Adam tell now?

How can we define Him?​

(He is the being from Himself, the must to exist, the simple Spirit, the infinity, The unlimited in time and in place, the Almighty in doing everything, the unchangeable, the procurer of the Lives of every man, animal and plant and all the creatures He has created to Achieve the objective He has created for. The Holy, the perfect, the independent and the inclusive in Himself all the Perfect Unlimited Godly divines.)

Attributes of God (intro)​

We do not mean by knowledge of God the complete knowledge Because He has no limit and the mind of man is limited, so, how can the limited understand the unlimited?
So, God the one whom We believe in, and His existence fills the earth, the Heavens and the Universes has lots of attributes, which, we cannot count or confine because of the perfect and unlimited attributes that He has alone.
It’s commonly said about Saint Augustine (Fourth century) while he was thinking in the mystery of Him. That he dreamt that a child is trying to transfer the water of the sea into a small hole by his hand, so, he wandered So much.
So, we would divide these attributes into absolute attributes that exist in Him alone, and relative ones that we as humans might have but in much lesser degree than Him.

Absolute attributes​

He must exist​

Meaning that God is a must to exist because, His existence explains the existence of the universe while as to any other creature he might or might not exist for that, any other creature is possible but not must exist.

He is Unlimited

Meaning that He alone has no limit or an end since, He is the unlimited in greatness and in glory and in love and mercifulness and goodness and holiness and fairness and in all of His perfect unlimited Godly divines.

He is Simple and Spiritual

He is not material or physical, but God in essence is spirit and Spiritual in His nature. And the word simple; means that He is not composed so that He cannot be divided or segmented into parts. While as to man, when he dies the elements of his body will be, dissolved by the passage of time.

He is Unchangeable

Meaning that God is not applicable to change or transformation because, He is permanent. He does not increase or decrease. He only Changes but not to be changed.

He is Eternal

Meaning that He neither has a beginning nor come to an end.

He is present every Where

Meaning that His presence includes everywhere and is not confined to a specific Place. so, He, exists on the earth and on heavens, in hell and on paradise and amongst all of them.

He knows All Things

Meaning that He knows every thing and that nothing is hidden from Him or beyond His knowledge.

He is the Almighty

Meaning that He can do all things and all actions that he alone can Do at any time and by the way He sees as the best from His own Point of view.

God is the Creator

Meaning that God alone created the heavens and the earth and the sea and all the creation and before creating the creation He created The angles of the heavens.

God is the Keeper​

God is not only the creator of His creatures but also, He can Preserve them to achieve the objective He created them for.

God's relative attributes ​

He is perfect in his goodness and holiness

For, no one is good but, one, God. He is perfect in His holiness, so, He is called holy, but man who is good is called saint.
Being perfect in His goodness and holiness is evidenced by that, that He has No sin.
The angels are crying to Him, saying, (Holy. Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts.)

He is perfect in His Mercifulness

He is God of all mercies and raphes, so that, He gives His mercy to everyone in the world.
Although, He is unlimited in His greatness and mighty power, He is unlimited in His mercifulness.

He is perfect in His Justice

Although He is merciful, but, at the same time He is just.
It means, although, He loves the mankind and gives it His mercy, He is just in Judgement for each one.
Thus, He will judge every one according to what man does whether good or bad.

He is great in His Wisdom

No doubt, that God ‘s creation and creatures  bear a terrific witness Of his great wisdom. 

God's providence for His creation​

Providence means that, God’s procurement for the life is happening for implementing his intention in a way, that’s unrecognizable by us.

In other terms, providence means that God acts with His creation in a way that can convert their actions whether good or bad and everything that happens in the universe to means completing his intentions for the goodness of all of His creatures especially the man since he is, the only sensible creature.

So, He, cares for His creation to preserve it and direct it to the mean for which it has been created, according to its nature. 
Hence, He, moves the irrational ones compulsorily and directs the only rational creature respecting his freedom, giving him commandment.
So, he created laws and rules for His creation in order to reach it to the purpose it has been created for in a beautiful image at His Beautiful Mind. 

Unlimited Need for God

According to Pope Shenouda the third: the belief in God exists Amongst all the peoples of the world even, the pagan ones believe In God, but they are wrong in their knowledge of Him.
They also, Believed in the existence of more than one God. Also, the belief in Him is fixed in the psychology of children, for instance, if you Ordered them not to do something because He will be angry with you, they believe you. 

History ensures the need for Him

also, the history of mankind asserts such reality Since it believed in His existence since the first centuries of the world in every place at each time. Seneca the philosopher Once, said, ” the agreement of all-in-one thing is the proof of the truth” like the existence of gods for, instance.
For, example Ramses the Second tributes his victory on Hittites to Gods. Cyrus tributes his Victories to the gift of heavens. Homes of ancient Egyptians were Simple, but their temples were majestic.  

His Existence is so Important in Life

Since life without Him is hard and incomplete and the world would be Dark, and the Vision is unclear, and the man cannot feel piece of mind and that he is alone without His help.
Since, He had created man He breathed in his nostrils and Adam became a living Being and for this he cannot live far from Him.

God is Spectacular to Philosophers

Although it was commonly known that the philosophers had denied the existence of God, the vast majority of them admitted His existence and they were actually divided into two Sections.

The first, proved His existence  by the intellectual proof that can lead in The existence of the creator God. The second, called for the mental disability to do so, But, they were believe completely in His existence.
Bona Venture says, the truth Of Him is over the understanding, cause, the mind is limited while, He is unlimited.
Some linguists went remotely that the word of God in the Arabic language is from Allah You Alah I, e. distraction or getting confused in realizing, and from Here it was the word Allah.
As, the messenger says, ( no one knows the things of God except the spirit of God.) (1CORINTHIANS 2:11).
The evidence that asserts His  existence by the philosophers are so many but, They have been Divided into two main sections, the first focused in the man, the second focused on All the creation.
 Rene Descartes says that the human soul is incomplete so, there’s a Perfect completeness exists only in the divine of God.
So, Descartes, Bona Venture and Saint Augustine asserted that the meditation on the human soul leads us to believe in the Existence of God.
Also, Saint Augustine wondered is it the land? it, answered him Not me. Is it the heavens? it answered him, no, not me.
The sun, the moon? all the creatures? all said not me, He is not here, then tell me where’s He? They all Answered in one voice: He is the maker of all of us. (The fool has said in his heart “There’s no God”) (PSALM 14:1).
Socrates: I die as a martyr confessing the one God.
Isaac Newton: I have seen Him in the actions and laws of nature which asserts the Existence of immaterial power and wisdom.
Plato is calling Him the eternal engineer.
Cicero: no nation what so ever reached the point of brutality and barbarism ignores the Must for worshiping Him even if it was unknowledgeable whom God It worships.
Aristotle the philosopher is saying, ” The common traditions of all the peoples of the world teaches us that all the creatures has been created by God and that its continuing Existence is only by His order.”

In Science

Science is getting advanced so fast that the man kind figured out a very accelerated number of the inventions and discoveries and the right science cannot contradict with the existence of God. But it confirms His existence.
As Isaiah said, ( It is He who sits above the circle of the earth and its inhabitants are like Grasshoppers.) (ISAIAH 40:22)
For, example Magellan said that the land is spherical and his theory stayed wrong till it was figured out its truth.

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