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What was the challenges faced David to achieve his victories? what about Michal condition?! how did not he lose a single battle? whom did he fight? what was the secret behind these victories? what are the different lessons from these victories to us?

Victories over Saul's house

(Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. But David grew stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.) (2SAMUEL 3:1)

So, the war was long between the house of Saul and the house of David who was insisting on not to resist or to behave wrongly against the house of Saul. Throughout the war which continued for two years David learned patience and waiting for the promises of God in faith and in trust what made him grow stronger.

Hence, throughout this period God was working in the middle of His people to attract them gradually to David not through conquer nor compel but through David’s holy and quiet life.

what a need for the sons of God to enter into troubles so that God appears through and declares Himself through their internal overcoming and victory!

Through each narrow our depths getting purified, and the light of the Lord appear through to win lots to the account of His joyful kingdom.

(Then Abner sent messengers on his behalf to David, saying, “Where’s the land?” saying also “Make your covenant with me, and my hand shall be with you to bring all Israel to you.”) (2 SAMUEL 3:12)

(And David said, “Good I will make a covenant with you. But one thing I require of you: you shall not see my face unless you first bring Michal, Saul’s daughter, when you come to see my face.”) (2 SAMUEL 3:13)

So, David accepted the offer stipulating, the return of Michal to him. Some reasoned this for political reasons or to acquire legitimacy for judgement or just a matter of pride.  

He might think like this, but it may not be the truth rather he wanted to be honest toward his wife because he could just accept the offer, without such requirement.

So, the successful leader is that who cares for his internal life and hidden depths as his house and his household until he becomes honest in his love to those under his leadership or carefulness.

Victories of Jerusalem

(And the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites. Then David dwelt in the stronghold, and called it, the city of David. So, David went on and became great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him.) (2 SAMUEL 5:6,9,10)

(Then Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, and Cedar trees, and carpenters and masons.) (2 SAMUEL 5:11)

Hence, in each real victory, two matters face the believer, the first, a resistance of the enemy converted into new victories, second, attracting some others to God working in him, As Hiram.

Hiram realized that David needs construction and reconstruction so, he sent lots of cedar woods and carpenters. Our peace with God is fruiting peace with others and converts the resistance of the wicked to, our growth and internal joy.

David's Further Victories

(After that it came to pass that David attacked the Philistines and subdued them. And David took Metheg Ammah from the hand of Philistines. Then he defeated Moab.) (2 SAMUEL 8:1,2)

David also defeated Hadadezer the son of Rehob, king of Zoba. David took from him one thousand chariots, seven hundred horsemen, and twenty-thousand-foot soldiers.) (2 SAMUEL 8:3,4)

So, David praised with the sixtieth psalm when he fought Aram and defeated it. Saint Augustin declares that the address of this psalm carried on a prophetic spirit, to declare what ‘s not found in the history through the symbol, what’s going to happen in the future.

To the Chief Musician, Set to “Lily of the Testimony”. A Michtam of David. When he fought Mesopotamia and Syria of Zobah.

Saint Augustin presents to us a symbolic explanation that the psalm was written to those who the Messiah; (Son of David) changes their lives, for Himself. 

As, He changes and renews our lives to come to an end which is meeting Him through the law or the commandment or, the raising up. For He is the teacher, the renovator and, the mean to come to an end.

Saint Augustin also says that the Mesopotamia means invitation, meaning to change our lives, He, burns our arrogance and pride to enjoy His Humbleness.

(When Toi king of Hamath heard that David had defeated all the army of Hadadezer, then Toi sent Joram his sin to King David, to greet him and bless him; and Joram brought with him articles of silver, articles of gold, and articles of bronze.) (2 SAMUEL 8:9,10)

These victories made Toi send his son to David with gifts and David accepted it declaring that he likes, peace not war.

(And the Lord preserved David wherever he went.) (2 SAMUEL 8:14)

These victories acquired David new friendships with the surrounding nations what made him succeed in his care for the people and preparing the necessary materials for, the building.

Victories over The Ammonites

(Then the people of Ammon came out and put themselves in battle array. And the Syrians of Zoba, Beth Rehob, Ish-Tob and Maacah were by themselves in the field.) (2 SAMUEL 10:8)

(And the Syrians set themselves in battle army against David and fought with him. Then the Syrians fled before Israel.) (2 SAMUEL 10:17,18)

Behold, David knew about the great alliance of the peoples surrounding him, he did not fear but casted in the promises of God! and prepared for the war saying, “Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing?” (PSALMS 2:1)

It was not possible for David this time to continue victories to depend upon his army against these legions of armies, but he depended upon the power of God and by it he could achieve victories.

(And when all the kings saw that they were defeated by Israel, they made peace with Israel. So, the Syrians were afraid to help the people of Ammon anymore.) (2 SAMUEL 10:19)

At the end of such victories all the kings feared David and reconciled with him.

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Reference: – Father Priest Tadros Jacob Malti, 2 SAMUEL, Egypt, Delta center, 1989.

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